Hamradio page

Hamradio site in the near future this will be extended with more info
about the software that is being used also maybe a gateway for legal ham
operators. This is planed but when........lets wait and see.

Software is available see Ham radio (packet) software below.

My personal info about station PA3FUA

Name.........: J.P
Qth..........: Wijchen (JO21ut / CL19j / R35)
Trx..........: Home made tranceivers (70cm / 2m)
Modem........: Home build TNC2C clone with 5 firmware's
Ant..........: Home build GP 2/70 and 10 meter
Home BBS.....: pa3fua@pi8shb.#nbo.nld.eu
Email........: pa3fua@gids.nl
Other URL....: PA3FUA

Path to reach me : {Your call} : any node : any node : db0ii : pi1ehv : pi1shb : pa3eko : command at pa3eko : c vhf pa3fua if I am at 144.675

Some nice hamradio sites around the world
* List of hams on email.
* Interesting places for hams.
* Interesting GPS sites.
* Colorado hamradio site.
* QRZ pages (look up call signs).
* YAHOO hamradio search.
* Ham radio (packet) software.
* Baycom (packet radio) group.
* NORD><LINK Where are they ? The site is not build right !
* Amsat.
* Tuscon Packet Group.
* Look for callsigns with email.
* Pactor site.
* Flexnet Info.
* Download Flexnet.

© 1998 J.P van Oyen, Wijchen