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Dos software

SP is the best DOS based packet software i know of. Its been made by Sigi Kluger who worked on it for several years. It has all the features one needs with a packet program. Its about 1 Mb to download. Its version 9.75 thats free to use.

Dos software

GP is a nice DOS based packet program as it has a graphical interface and as far as I am aware it is the only one with such a look. There is also a windows version available but I never tested that one. More tools and the software it self can be found at this location. It has been programmed by Ulf Saran, DH1DAE.

Dos software

NPG is a Dutch made software package that has its origin on 27Mhz. You can Find more info on the NPG pages. I have not tested it but reading through the list it could be an alternative to other software.

Windows software

For windows there is a nice packet program from DG8NDY homepages. It works with a hostmode TNC like all other good packet programs. An option to use baycom type of modems is also available as far as I know.

WinTnc software

WINTNC Ver 1.01 is a Windows multiuser/multitasking multiport Packet Terminal Driver program for use with multiple Baycom modems or KISS mode TNC's attached to your IBM-PC/clone. The software works with Windows 3.1/WFW and Win 95.

The software includes many features not often found in other TNC driver programs including :

plus many more !

The software is fully multiuser/multitasking which means that more than one person can be active in any part of the system at once whilst you are still using the software for your own purposes.

Copyright - Jon Welch G7JJF


This program is not free to use it needs to be registerd at least for running the Windows version. I used it once to see and it works quite oke but I like WinGT more as its better looking and the windows are build better to switch. Look on TSTdos pages to find more about it or to try the latest version.


This package support reading of HTML through packet radio. It has been written by Roger Barker G4IDE. I have tried it and it works nice but its not written for host mode and used the simple terminal mode. Due to this it has an other way of handeling the screens and for me it would not be the right choice although there are a lot of extra plugins that could make it worth while.

AGW Packet

This package is written by George Rossopoulos SV2AGW. This software is not yet out for NT but it lookes nice although for me I am still missing some features. But I can imagine other people would like it. Later I will test the NT version to see if this will provide all features I would like.

FlexNet (Node)

These sets of utilities can be used in DOS or Windows. It will enable you to build a network at home or somewhere else and run a network based packet system. I have not tried the windows version but the dos version runs great. Pitty is only that the UI frames are not broadcasted over the network to see who is on the air on all network computers. More info on the FlexNet page. Here you can also download all the modules and documentation.

Graphic Packet

This was one of the earlist graphical packages to run for packet radio. It has been programmed by Ulf de DH1DAE and as I could not find his homepages on the net you can use this link to download it. If some one knows Ulf's pages please let me know. I used to run this for a while and for the looks I have to admit under dos it was an only in its kind. Its now ported for OS/2 and also for windows. It uses a TNC with a host mode eprom like TF or an emulator. Its a cool piece of software if you need to run dos.

Cheap 9K6 option

A cheap option for 9K6 is also available with a very cheap and easy modem. On a PC there are some issues and I am not sure if it will function on al PC types. There is also a linux version available. More to be found on PE1NIB's pages.

Linux software

For LINUX there is also a good hostmode prg called TNT. All info about this programe you can find at DL4YBG homepage
You can also visit DL8HBS homepage who is the programmer of the DBbox software.

Linux KDE software

Also for graphical mode there is a nice program available. This is called LinkT and is build for KDE. You will need to get some other packages to compile this but its worth while. More info can be found on the LinkT pages. This software is realy nice and worked here without any problems. On the pages you will also find some screen dumps it contains the terminal screen, the monitor screen and they also build in a convers screen.

BBS software

A good option for running a BBS is the FBB software its flexible and easy to use. More info can be found in the pages of F6FBB. In the Netherlands this BBS software is used at almost all places.

OS/2 Warp software

Flexpacket is one of the best looking OS/2 packet software programs I know of. You need at least Warp 3 or better. Its realy one of the best I have seen with many options that are usefull. It will however need a hostmode TNC (or kiss driver) for manny TNC's there are EPROMS like PK232 / PK88 / TNC200 / MFJ .....

*** FlexPacket/2 Version 0.530 Info Text ***

- 32-Bit Multithreaded Program, running under IBM OS/2 3 Warp
- Graphical User Interface (Presentation Manager required)
- Runs with Terminal Node Controller at serial Port (1..8) in Host mode (WA8DED compatible command set)

Licence status:
- Author: Henning Stoecklein, DB5SH @ DB0RBS.#BW.DEU.EU
- Freeware, thus personal use allowed without registration or fee. Commercial use of any kind is prohibited.
- When transferring the program to others it has to be the complete package, no fee allowed (except the usual copy fee of max. 10 US$).

Warranty etc.:
- FlexPacket/2 is given "as is", there is no warranty or support guaranteed.
- Damages of any kind related to the use of this program are not covered by the author.

- Each radio amateur using FlexPacket/2 is responsible himself to regard the rules concerning his amateur radio station.

Program functions:
- 4 Channel windows plus Monitor are running undependantly in PM windows
- Status info for all channels in a common control window with display of connected stations
- Often used functions to be reached via graphical buttons in the control window
- Colors of RX, TX- and status text configurable
- Fonts configurable for every channel window
- Automatic setting of echo status available
- Channel window buffer with adjustable size (max. 5000 lines per channel)
- 3 freely configurable code converter to be defined

- Multi-language program text available (at the moment: German, Englisch) more languages to follow without program changes
- Automatic creation of SSID's before active connect
- Selectable call sign for each channel

- Saving of Channel data and monitor data onto hard disc
- Transfer of Binary and ascii files with adjustable speed, drag and drop interface to transfer function
- Ascii file group transfer: Transfer of many files in line, drag and drop interface to group transfer function

- Connection setup by selection out of selection list
- Automatic selection of the QRG used at the moment

- Export to Clipboard from channel windows, copying as "Quote" possible
- Drag and Drop interface to editor file load and block insertion
- Transfer of editor contents via Drag and Drop

- Call sign database with search function and OM picture display
- Automatic creation of HAM logbook incl. logbook file browser
- Automatic Wordwrap during data input
- Help function for TNC WA8DED hostmode command set

- Execution of external QSO-Spy, automatic execution available

- Dynamic Session poll timing depending on RX data flow, channel priorities adjustable
- Optional support of extended hostmode
- Support of TNC3s multiport funktions

- Graphical display of frequency loads (QRG puls)
- 10 macro text strings callable via key stroke, with macro editor
- MHEARD list, colourful display of own and foreign frames, time display and header counter
- QRV monitor for QRG supervisory (max. 5 calls)

- Freely configurable mailbox read function to create (R)ead, (K)opf and (E)rase commands via single mouse click
- Automatic detection and display of mail beacon ("to MAILS"),
- Colourful marking of already seen mails

- Mail Manager function for display and storage of mails read from BayCom and DieBox mailboxes.

- Auto7+: automatic storage of 7plus coded files
- Control display of 7plus files during reading with transfer statistics
- Sendinf and receiving of binary files using "AutoBin" protocol
- Automatic selection file transfer protocol (Ascii / AutoBin).

- Context related popup menus for channels, monitor, mheard and editor

- Automatic Transfer of connect text after passive connect
- Many stanard remote commands available (remote can be disabled)

- ONLINE documentation with hyperlinks and index in .INF format
- Installation of FlexPacket via "COPY & EXECUTE"
- Over 300 parameters configurable, configuration file in ascii format
- Using of max. 4 different configuration files
- Interface to external KISS driver TFKISS/2 by Harald OE1HHC

- Selectable WAV files to be played instead of OS/2 beeper sound

Home page Henning
This is the author himself.....

Fpac version 0.530 : Click here to download 550KB

This is a HOSTMODE eprom dump for a TNC2 compatible TNC. It uses the WA8DED hostmode and some some extra features.

Tf27b Eprom dump for a TNC2x compatible.

SP9.75 dos packet : Click here to download 1 Mb

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